Simple Floor Plan Design – Advancing the Property Sellers Ahead

Simple floor plan design is an important element in a sale and in the field of property letting. The sellers are holding on them. The buyers like them. And the real estate agents are endearing more directions out from them.

Whenever you are looking for effective ways to acquire the best floor plan designs that will help meet your goals, and then take the first step. Call UK Floor Plans today!

Our Offered Floor Plan Services

Sketchup floor plans are invaluable for the buyers, as it will help them determine if a certain property really suits their requirements and needs. On the other hand, when it comes to real estate agents, floor plans are playing an integral part to their offered services.

That is why we are offering wide arrays of floor plan services, which will not just meet you lifestyle requirement, but also your budget.

  • Standard Floor Plans
  • Site Plans
  • Estate Agents Floor Plans
  • 2D Floor Plans
  • 3D Floor Plans
  • Redraw From Sketches or Old Floor Plans
  • Redraw From Architect Plans

Why Need to Include a Floor Plan?

The importance of having a floor plan when selling, letting or buying a certain property lies in different significant reasons:

  • Increase the Buyer’s Interest
  • Lots of buyers today will ignore a certain property if there is no sketchup floor plan included. No matter how great the property is, buyers won’t get it.
  • Give Buyers a Clear Visual
  • Many buyers want to see the layout of the property, so they can see the room flow, the relationship of every room, the furniture inside each room, etc.
  • Increase Time Spent on Listing
  • Almost 93% of buyers said that they prefer spending time looking for properties with floor plans.
  • Generate More Leads
  • Simple floor plan design had manifested to generate almost 30% more interest compared to the properties without a floor plan.

So, if you are considering taking the step ahead, call us so we can talk.

Needing a Clean Up Service for Your Current Floor Plans?

Do you have a simple floor plan design file that needs to be cleaned up and converted into PDF document?

Then our self-service floor plan clean-up service is for you. Scan your floor plans and upload them into order (every legal property have to be a separate order) and we’ll clean it up the floor plan in just two business days, depending on its complexity. We can effectively work with the virtual source file – PDF or jpeg files, marked-up appraisal sketches, hand-drawn sketchup floor plans, and architectural drawings.

While our clean floor plan services are nice, don’t forget also our Interactive Floor Plan Tour. Simply add images and you will surely give the buyers the things they are craving to see. We have people who sold houses to people, who saw our Interactive Floor Plan Tour. So, for a little money you’ve add, you can acquire one of the most effective selling tools today.

Learn more about our sketchup floor plan services and others. Call us today.