Privacy upholds not just its commitment to superior products and service but also its commitment and obligation to its customers to protecting their personal information seriously.

As an estate agent floor plan service in London, we collect and hold personal information from and about our customers for many reasons beneficial to both parties.

Your personal information will be used by us in order to:
⁃        supply the products and services that you need from us;
⁃        process the payment for the products and services that we will be providing;
⁃        and you can stop receiving all of these pieces of information either by terminating our contract or contacting us to stop it.

Moreover, some of the personal information that we have derived from you as our customers will be used and forwarded to credit reference agencies if need be.

In addition, your personal information will be provided to other third parties, if and only if, the law either allows or require us to do so.

However, you are rest assured that all of the personal information that you have provided such as your password as well as your identification will be kept confidential. This is the main security that promises.

As mentioned in our “Terms and Condition,” you can reach out to us to clarify on some of the things indicated here in the Privacy Policy that may be vague or confusing. And we will be more than happy to provide assistance to you to the best of our ability.