Estate Agent Floor Plans for Residential and Commercial Properties

Whether you’re an online estate agent or a high street agent, you are already aware of the importance of supplying estate agent floor plans as part of your marketing details.

With UK Floor Plan, you can now be a better and faster than your competitors. If your forward-thinking agency is searching for using technology to distinguish yourself from your competitors and lessen costs, then we can be your tool!

We do not depend on the internet and compare to most online services out there in the market, there’s no need for you to depend on to internet connection just to complete your estate agent floor plan. We are equipped with intuitive interface particularly made for house-design compare to most generic CAD products. Further, this simple to use interface enables you to draw floor plans, which include commercial and residential plans.


For your residential properties, we offer a fast solution, letting you design a plan in different formats for your immediate online display in window cards or a brochure. Sustain your agency style so all your plans acquire the same consistent feel and look, letting your clients compare the different plans easily.


Further, you can create commercial floor plans easily. The content of every floor plan is controlled by you depending on its purpose.

Estate Agent Floor PlansIn spite of the low cost and easiness to generate estate agent floor plans with, some agents still like that this function is done by someone else. This is not a concern as we can provide you our skills to use our own software to provide you a competitive service. Apart from that, we can supply your floor plans in any format and you can still use us to update your floor plans devoid of referring back to use.

We can offer you a quote on your floor plans. The cost is determined by the information you give, the urgency and the floor area.  Furthermore, we can respond faster due to our capability to get house extension plans and make simplified understandable plans.

We are capable of keeping your agency style so all your estate agent floor plans look the same, with the use of different wall fills as well as colored overlays when needed. When architectural plans aren’t accessible in electronic format, we can scan in the paper drawings and make use of a template or make drawings from hand sketch. The core of our estate agent floor plan service is simplicity and speed.

We can also supply your floor plans in different formats. We can generate estate agent floor plans to a particular size or shape in order that it can be uploaded to your property portals. Further, our CAD software is extremely accurate and we can offer you detailed floor plans to scale when needed.

Available formats: PDF, JPG, AI, PSD, DXF, FCW, WMF, PNG,

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