Estate Agent Floor Plan service in London

To offer a precise space layout of estate property to potential buyers, builders and estate agents opt to digital floor plans, which offer a detailed concept about the exact sizes of every room, interconnectivity areas and the precise location of living spaces such as bathroom, living room, garden, kitchen and much more.

Allow to assist you with your floor plan conversion needs, when it comes to planning and converting the original floor plans to 2D or 3D to offer the buyers with exact layout of the entire property. Combining our technical experience, skills, and capabilities in converting a printed or sketch floor plan into digital form, we offer effective property floor plan services to clients all around the country. Our experts are skilled at working along with software to make and convert the property floor plans into 2D or 3D versions according to the business specifications of the client.

Floor Plan service in londonWho Needs a Property Floor Plan?

Our company works with a wide range of different industries and professionals to help them create property floor plans. Some of them are:


An interactive floor plan is an excellent marketing tool, particularly for smaller units where it could be challenging to imagine the layout. Read more about Estate Agent Floor Plans


Whether you are searching to create a marketing material, or you have a client who is having a hard time to visualize their new home design, or maybe planning on developing a spec home – our floor plans could be a great asset to your business.


Selling a unit or home, which is currently under construction could be complicated as you have no images to present to prospect buyers. One of our property floor plans enables buyers to walk through the home visually.


Many clients struggle to picture how a home will look from the architect’s plan. When you color them up and put the furniture, it makes the whole process a lot less stressing.

UKFloorPlans’ Property Floor Plan Services

Our rich experience and committed team of CAD experts, technical know-how and use of the latest software and extreme knowledge in architecture floor plan conversion process is the thing that sets us apart from other property floor plan services providers. We are passionate about offering your great results in fast turnaround time. Further, our property floor plan services include:

  • Designing scaled and detailed property floor plans from the manual drawings or sketches, outlines, and photographs
  • Converting the original photographs, sketches or CAD file formats into a totally functional 2D or 3D floor plans
  • Offering high-resolution files in PDF, JPG or DWG format

Our team work in close coordination along with our clients to make floor plans templates in tune along with the specifications of their business. To guide you attract buyers and improve their buying experience, our team of professionals refer to current photograph and drawings and re-create the visually enticing and exact property floor plans in 2D. We can design and convert floor plans in bulk together with complete accuracy and in best turnaround time.

  • High quality and professional, suitable for web and print
  • Easy to create, either order from our floor plan service or create your own

UK Floor Plan’s 3D property plans are modified to match the requirements and needs of our customers. Our team deftly convert a basic property floor plan into 3D versions, allowing the buyers to see the model of the property without the need to visit the location in person. We make high quality 3D floor plans, which offer the buyer a strong overview of the layout.

  • High quality and professional, suitable for web and print
  • Easy to create, either order from our floor plan service or create your own

Through offering a detailed 2D and 3D floor plan as well as architectural visualizations of how your property looks, we guide estate dealers, construction workers, brokers, and engineers market their own properties via printer brochures, online flyers, marketing collaterals or websites.

UK FloorPlans Portfolio



You can draw floor plans from scratch, or order your property floor plan via UK Floor Plan’s Services. The easy drag-and-drop interface makes the drawing and updating of the floor plans a lot easier.


In this stage, you can now add wall, ceiling and flooring materials. Get amazing finish options, suit paint colors or make your own and furnish. Pick from hundreds and thousands of generic and brand name products. Design and compare different layouts, accessorize and customize. Put details like sizes, room names, and measurements.


Once the property floor plans have been made, generate and print the high-quality 2D and 3D Property Floor Plans.


  • Deliverable – We provide 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed to all our customers
  • Time – Fast turnaround at every level
  • Quality – Highly talented and experienced 2D and 3D designers at work
  • Price – Premium quality work at reasonable prices

If you have a real estate for sale, rent or lease, you need to have the best marketing tool accessible. Make sure to stay ahead of the competition by putting extra digital floor plans of the property listing today!

Property floor plans are being demanded oftentimes because the potential clients want more evidence and material at their fingertips. Will the oversize furniture suit in every room? Is the layout favorable with the needs of the family? Will the retail area offer your client the ability to grow with their business? Help your prospect client to visualize the property without necessarily being on the site.


If you wish to increase time spent on your listings, generate more leads, let buyer visualization and increase the interest of buyer, opt now to our Property Floor Plan services! Contact us now to get started!